Welcome to Emmanuel COLSON - IMOGate
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Welcome to Emmanuel COLSON

Welcome to Emmanuel COLSON

Emmanuel Colson

We are very pleased to welcome our new Managing Partner Emmanuel Colson who will join forces with Thomas and Tarik at ImoGate’s board. After 25 + years of experience in financial services industry and several executive roles at companies like ThomsonReuters and SimCorp, Emmanuel will strengthen ImoGate’s vision-driven approach, strategic planning and tactical execution with the objective to accelerate ImoGate’s scale-up journey. “I am thrilled to join forces with Tarik, Thomas and ImoGate’s dream team to all together accelerate on ImoGate unique Real Estate data as a service journey so that Real Estate Investors can quickly rely on qualitative data and focus on Investment decisions rather than data operations”. The ImoGate team wishes you a warm welcome Emmanuel !

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