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Invest Management Operation
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Imogate is best in class web platform automating Real Estate and Distressed Assets

data collection, cleansing and standardization

Discover IMOGATE…

WE insource and remediate your data challenges by :

Collecting, error-checking and standardizing your Real Estate and Distressed assets data into one golden copy ready to consume into each and every of your business application.

Automating your operational processes while delivering on time cleansed and standardized data.

YOU focus on decision and action by :

Spending most of your time on what sets you apart : Real Estate portfolio management, risk, ESG and performance analysis.

Increasing operational and cost efficiency while automating and standardizing manual processes.

Crystalizing a culture of data trust, collaboration and innovation based on one single version of the truth across your organization.

We deliver your Real Estate and Loans Data Intelligence as a Service (Daas) or on premise

 Why clients choose IMOGATE ?

Questions ? Solutions.

How do I become a data driven company by trusting my data and turning them into action ?

  • Continuous and Automated data collection, error-checking, cleansing, standardization and consolidation into one golden copy ready to consume by each and every of your business application.
  • On time advanced data analysis and decision taking.

How can I go faster from data to decision ?

  • Get on time cleansed and standard data at your fingertips and focus on business analysis and decision

Can I deal with multiple servicers and asset types ?

  • Real Estate assets features (eg. RentRoll, Sales pipeline, Expenses tracker), distressed assets (eg. Contractual Loans, Litigations tracker, collateral release management), Financial data (eg. Actuals, Budget, General Ledger) and flow management.
  • Servicer output agnostic, Imogate deals with any file format generated by any Servicer.

How can I fast on-board new servicers/partners, new asset class, new countries, ... ?

  • State of the art data dictionnary and business algorithm allow to adapt and on-board any asset class, servicer in any location.

How can I best manage my reporting ?

  • Close monitoring of servicers data deliveries and deadlines.
  • ImoGate integration with Business Intelligence tools and Excel.
  • Imogate on time standardized data ensure fast and consistent report delivery.

How can Imogate support due-dilligence cases ?

  • Dataroom files cleansing and standardization to support Merger and Acquisition processes.

How do I reduce operational risk and costs ?

  • Imogate delivers unified data referential with access control capabilities removing manual reconciliation and data cleansing tasks.
  • No more e-mails nor data files (eg. Excel) sharing.

How can I deal with compliance constraints ?

  • Imogate delivers a full business data audit trail over time.

How can I oversee my portfolios performance ?

  • Standard reports and analytics (eg. performance KPI, variance reports vs. UW, sales monitoring, occupancy overview) by Real Estate experts.

How do I promote collaboration and empower teams ?

  • Unified referential granting one single version of the truth (golden source) across the company.

Can I integrate my data with my existing systems ?

  • Enterprise-wide redistribution through APIs (ex : Excel, csv., Sage X3, …).
  • Output file format adaptable to your systems expectations.