Our solutions - IMOGate
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Our solutions

ImoGate delivers two business value propositions :



Get cleansed and standardized data


Information is coming from many different sources

The real estate industry and main players are facing daily data quality issues

Market solutions have a top-down approach, focusing ont the reports, rather than on raw data

SmartGate Solution

SmartGate insource Property Managers, Asset Managers and Investors data challenges by collecting, error-checking, cleansing, enriching and standardizing Real Estate and Distressed Assets data coming from multiple sources into one single data referential and delivering it back to Investment companies.


Unique and standard data dictionnary combined with structure and business data checks.


Get Insight and smart data


The real estate and distressed assets industry and main players are facing operational in-efficiencies and low capacity to run advanced analytics

Analytics are running on poor data supported by low operational efficiency

Business analysts spend 80% of their time doing data consolidation and reconciliation and designing reports rather than assessing risk and performance


Imo Analytics delivers operational agility and efficiency at Asset Managers and Investors organizations by automating operational processes while delivering standard reporting and analytics.


Imo Analytics provides you with smart data and insights at your fingertips


IMO Analytics delivers three business outputs :

Operational Reports (eg. variance analysis reports, day to day monitoring, exceptions review).

Management and performance dashboards (eg. Collateral, Recovery strategy, Asset performance, one pager, portfolio overview, actual to budget analysis, KPIs reports).

Raw data extract in excel.

Trusted by real Estate Leaders Worldwide