ImoGate Executive Board - The People
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The People

Board members

Tarik DADI - ImoGate Executive Board Member

Tarik Dadi

Managing Partner – Founder

Prior to starting ImoGate, Tarik served as the European Chief Information Officer for the Archon Group, the Real Estate division of Goldman Sachs.

Previously, Tarik worked for PwC and Ernst & Young.

At Archon Group, Tarik was leading the European IT department, focusing on re-engineering the Asset Management IT platform, as well as the Back Office systems, including the Cash Management platform.

Tarik was also leading the Non-Performing Systems business line worldwide, which brought him to the US and Japan for overseeing systems implementation.

Thomas DE PIREY - ImoGate Executive Board Member

Thomas de Pirey

Managing Partner – Founder

Thomas has served as head of IT Europe for Goldman Sachs RMD division, working on Real Estate & Non-Performing Loans initiatives. Prior to that, Thomas designed and built the data management services within Archon Group.

At Goldman Sachs, Thomas transitioned the Technology process to the new business model as Investment Oversight. He lead the implementation of the new data collection processes and automated the whole chain of information up to the Investment Dashboards and the integration with the Division’s forecasting models.

Thomas is a seasoned Technology Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the Investment Management industry.

Emmanuel COLSON - ImoGate Executive Board Member

Emmanuel Colson

Managing Partner

With over more than 25 years in the financial services industry Emmanuel is today ImoGate Managing Partner and Board Member and offering ImoGate a vision-driven approach to decision making, strategic planning and tactical execution.

Along his career Emmanuel was Instrumental in providing strategic and operational excellence for achieving full business potential across financial services industry.

His career history was also very much human centered and performance leadership style, while being able to drive change and business growth which resulted in measurable benefit to companies like SimCorp, and Thomson Reuters.

Adraa Alaoui

Adrâa Alaoui


Sylvain Coulombel

Sylvain Coulombel


Olivier Dendayne

Head of Professional Services